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About me

I’m interested in how the brain learns and how that can inform developments in neuromorphic computing and machine learning. I am currently undertaking a Ph.D. in spiking learning mechanisms with the SpiNNaker group at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Prof. Steve Furber and Dr. Oliver Rhodes. Previously, I completed a joint honours BSc in Maths and Physics at the University of Manchester.

I have experience in neuroscience, neuromorphic computing, and data science research environments, and most recently undertook a Royal Society studentship with IBM Research Daresbury. I am also a Widening Participation fellow at the university and heavily involved in organising community and science communication events such as the JBCA Machine Learning workshop and Pint of Science.

I’m an armchair pundit on policy of all types and a geek about data visualisation. I also think emerging computing technologies like phase change memory, spintronics, and quantum computing are really cool. I enjoy rock climbing and play the violin, but am particularly good at neither.

Get in touch with me via email at sara(dot)summerton(at)manchester(dot)ac(dot)uk.